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becuase every picture has a story to tell, and you are the storyteller.

George Strait_•What Goes Up•__I walk thr


My name is Kamden Spacek and I am a Texas based photographer and want to be writer (but I also LOVE to travel) specializing in lifestyle photography and creative writing. To me photography is like the quote above. It's a way to tell a story. I always love going back through pictures from when my parents and grandparents were little and asking them the story behind that photo.

That's what my job is. To give you that outlet to get your story down that will last forever.

Writing is my outlet to help say what is on my mind.  

A little about me:

I am 30 years old. I have been an avid photographer the past 10 years and writing for 12 years. I love my family and spend time with them as much as I can. I love to travel and write about my travels (which you will find here). I was told once that when you are a photographer you should share your portraits so that is what I do. If you ever would like to have my portraits I will gladly send you them and I only accept donations through venmo @kamspacek.

God bless!

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