Tie Em Tight, Granpda always said.

My grandpa always said tie em tight but take your time.

I didn’t always understand that. Tie down roping is all about having the fast time.

You back in the box. You make sure your horse has his eye on the chute watching, waiting, for that calf to hit that barrier before your horse does.

Then it’s a game of chase. Your running, swinging your rope, keeping your eye on the calf waiting for the perfect time to throw that loop and catch the calf around the neck.

But that’s just the start of it. Then you have to handle your slack just right.

Ive only seen a few that can handle that slack.

I get goosebumps watching a good roper handle his slack, when it waves and it can just kind of freeze and then all of sudden its tight and the calf is standing there, waiting.

For what you ask?

The roper dismounts while the horse is dragging his but in the dirt stopping so fast you would think it would throw the roper off.

But it doesn’t, it gives him momentum. It pushes him onto that line that he runs down while the horse backs, and backs, and backs up bringing the calf to him. He reaches down and grabs the calf around the flank. His left hand is on the rope and right hand on the flank and picks up the calf and then sets him on the ground. He reaches for the top left leg and puts the piggin string on it and then gathers the back two legs while wrapping two wraps and a hooey.

Then his hands are up.

His time is done.

Has he taken his time? Has he slowed down to make sure he did each and every step above?

Did he tie em tight but take his time?

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